Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Hitchikers or Not Too Bad but...

Ok. Went and saw Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy the other night. I have read all the books, seen the TV series, heard the radio-play. The TV show, and the radio-play, each had their own special interpretation of the books, but both of them more or less stuck to how I remember the books as being.
I kinda liked the new movie, even though it veered away from how I remember the books. I never pictured Ford as being black (though I am not sure whether that's from reading the books, or the influence of the TV show), I always pictured Trillian as being a blonde, Slartibartfast should've had a long white beard (though I did like Bill Nighey). In short, even though the movie veered away from the actual story a little, it kept the flavour in it. And it was cool to see the TV Arthur Dent and Marvin in cameos.
All in all, I liked the movie.

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