Friday, June 10, 2005


What the Hell are They Thinking?

I was doing some reading in the web last night on different things of interest to me. There was a particular piece of information that had me cringeing in even more horror than the thought of Justin Timberlake being in the next Die Hard movie.
There is being made, at the moment, a bio-movie about George Reeves (For those of you that don't know, Reeves was an actor in movies and TV from the thirties to the fifties. Most known for playing Superman in the fifties.). Now, while that isn't a problem, if it is done correctly, the choice of who is playing the part of Reeves has left me numb with horror. I don't know what the hell the producers were thinking, or whoever was responsible for the choice of the lead role, but the choice of Ben Affleck is waaaaayyy off base. Were they all on some very heavy drugs when they had the casting meetings?
Bad producers. Naughty producers.

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