Monday, January 02, 2006


Farrell's Cafe/ Restaurant or Colour me Not Impressed

First post in months and it's gonna be not really a good one. Ah, what the hell, may as well say what I truly think I fugure.

My Girlfriend and I went to a cafe/ restaurant in Victoria Park this morning for a brunch. They seated us nicely and brought a water without being asked. That was all cool and okay. Then I noticed that my glass had some marks on the rim. Okay i didn't say anything to the girl that had brought the water, I used my napkin to clear the rim. I figured it was nothing.

It was while awaiting someone to come and take our order that we noticed the staff were all pretty glum and depressed looking, most of them looking as though they didn't want to be there, with one girl in particular looking expressly glum. One mark against the place. Then it seemed to take forever for someone to come and take our order, or a lot longer than was necesary we thought. Another mark.

The time it took to prepare and bring our food out to us wasn't longer or shorter than any other place really, so no comment on that.

My girlfriend ordered a toasted chicken foccacia, while I ordered a 'Farrell's' burger. Looking at it as it was being placed on the table, I thought the foccacia looked a little sparse on content as well as the salad on the side. I could tell, by her face, that my girlfriend wasn't exactly impressed by what was placed in front of her. Her foccacia consisted of a toasted foccacia roll, some sliced cucumber, a slice of cheese, some feta cheese, and not a great deal of chicken. Another mark against. The side salad was some lettuce, a few snow peas, several chunks of cut up tomato.
My 'Farrell's burger consisted of a toasted burger bun, which was a reasonable size, a large-ish amount of lettuce, one or two slices of bacon, a fried egg, and a thick burger pattie, with a serving of shoe-string fries on the side. This is when we discovered that Farrell's needs to drastically sharpen their knives. We had to really saw away at our food at times to get through. Another mark.
My burger wasn't too bad to tell the truth. Just annoying having to fight it with the knife.
My girlfriend wasn't impressed with the food at all, or the staff.
When we were in the car after our lunch, she told me that she would not be ordering that again.

Not impressed.

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