Friday, February 17, 2012


Huh? A sequel to I Am Legend?

Once upon a time, there was this magical kingdom that actually put some effort into at least looking like they cared about producing pieces of art and integrity. They actually seemed to care about the produce they were making for people. 
But, then, somewhere along the line, a spectre of greed took over the spirit of appearance and taste. This kingdom has lost its sheen of magic and air of fantasy. The smell and reek of money and sex seems to be the ruling power of the kingdom of Hollywood in this modern age. A sequel to this movie is driven purely by the mighty dollar sign. The original Matheson story hasn't been followed in any of the versions of I Am Legend that's been producedt, but at least they didn't display the obvious greed that would have the makers producing a sequel. 
Get this into your heads, Hollywood. Sometimes, in most cases actually, a sequel is not necessary. And certainly not necessary as high as number four or five or six or seven. It's just the beating of the proverbial dead horse well past its time.

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