Thursday, February 24, 2005



God, I must be boring and lacking motivation. Simply because someone at work has started a blog of her thoughts and whatever other scary crap she comes up with, I have decided to start one of my own.
Most of the stuff I will be talking about will be movies and actors, art and comics, television and tv shows I like or hate (hate being the emphasis where 'reality shows are concerned. Can't stand the useless wastes of space within the fabric of the universe.), books and writers. It may be days and weeks in between postings (one reason being, my life is boring as all batshit. Another reason being, I am just plain lazy as all hell and would prefer to watch a movie or read a good Sci-fi or horror novel.).
I may sometimes compliment or whinge and complain about people I know, but in the ineterest of not offending any friends or people i wish to keep as friends, I will never actually mention any names. It will be up to people who read this to figure out who is who.
Another reason I have started this, it is a rather slow day at work today. I am a receptionist two days a week, in the city of Perth Western Australia. 11.15am and only three phone calls so far. Where has everyone gone? Has there been a mass alien abduction and they forgot to take me along? Or, oh no, like that british horror movie from last year, where most of the country had been turned into zombie-like creatures. Aaarrrggghhh noooo.
More later.
I really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to the next posting.

from you know who!!

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