Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Hating Alison Ashley or Why Is Everyone Surprised?

I have read a number of reviews over the past few days of the latest Australian "blockbuster" movie, Hating Alison Ashley. I gotta ask 'Why the fuck is everyone so surprised that the movie is not exactly a good movie?' Look who the so-called star of the movie is. Why didn't people learn from Neighbours that Delta Goodrem cannot act. At all. Which leads me to think that her 'good-girl' act over her blamed split up of that marriage is not an act at all. She just couldn't pull it off convincingly.
Why must the 'art' of moviemaking be inflicted with her? Haven't we had enough of her in the music industry yet? There are several 'actors' out there that, in my opinion, will guarentee a movie will be bad and a waste of money. I won't go into that list at the moment (maybe a talk for another day), but Delta would have to be on that list somewhere. Just her attempts at what can be laughably termed as acting on Neighbours will forever guarantee her a place on that honoured list of 'actors'.
I wish someone would explain it to me, if it is possible to actually explain at all, why these singers and musicians feel the need to cross into 'acting', or vice-versa. It is time to stop the madness.
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