Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Ho-Hum Yawn or 2005 Oscars

Well, I sat and watched the 77th Oscars last night. The best part of the whole show had to have been Chris Rock's intro routine, funny as hell. Otherwise, the rest of it was predictable as hell. Everyone won who was thought was going to win, the fashion was ho-hum, the speches were ho-hum, the presenters (with the exceptions of Robin Williams and Chris Rock) were ho-hum. In fact, the only thing that even raised my eyebrows, was the fact that Michael Moore's 911 wasn't even nominated. Why in the seven hells was that waste of time so-called doco 'Super-size Me' even considered I do not know.
I am left wondering, is it past time for the Oscars people to redraft how the Oscars are done each year. Maybe they can do it the way MTV do their awards shows, not taking themselves sooooo seriously. I used to enjoy watching the Oscars, but the show each year has become predictable and yawn inspiring.
I don't know whether it's the stars these days, bringing the whole thing down and overshadowing the real actors. There has always been stars in the movies, people that have star quality but no real acting ability, but recently, over the past ten or so years that has become almost the norm. What has happened to Hollywood? Most movies lately has been style over substance, with a rare exception. But then, in a society where the rubbish known as 'reality' TV can take over and, indeed, push out good shows, I shouldn't be in the least bit surprised at the shallowness of the whole industry at all.
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