Thursday, April 21, 2005


I Had More Fun At My Grandmother's Funeral or Envy starring Jack Black and Ben Stiller


Quick, tell me, what is was the most unfunny comedy you have ever seen over the past twelve months? I guarantee there would have to be a high percentage of people that would answer 'Envy' to that question. This movie was, quite literally, the worst comedy I have ever seen. I had previously had 'Dodgeball' in the number 1 slot of bad comedies, but there was at least one or two little chuckles in that Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn vehicle of travesty. In 'Envy' we see Ben Stiller and Jack Black as best friends, living next door to each other, working at the same work place. One of them gets an idea for a miracle product to make pet turds just disappear by spraying some weird stuff on it from an aerosol can. The other thinks it's a rubbish idea and stays clear of the investment. Of course, Hollywood movies being what they are, the product is a huge success and Jack Black, the one who ran with idea, gets hugely rich. Ben Stiller slowly fumes and boils away in his growing hatred of Jack's success.
The movie was a waste of ninety minutes. Not at all funny in the least. I don't know what the hell Jack and Ben were thinking. The two of them are usually damned funny.
Thanks for warning me about this movie!!
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