Sunday, July 03, 2011


Rifo’s Vic Park or Very Not Impressed

For the first time in months we figured we’d give Rifo’s in Vic Park a try, after saying we wouldn’t go back again. Six months ago or so we had such a bad caesar salad, and the service was quite sub-par, that we had decided to not bother going back again. Well, today, for a little bit of lunch, we decided to give them another try.

Mistake. First off the table we were going to sit at was quite grotty, badly in need of a wipe. We told the server girl about the table and she agreed, going off to attend to it. Wrong. We moved over to another table, one where it’s easy to see what’s going on behind the counter, to see her at the counter, doing something or other with a pen and paper (apparently forgetting about the table wiping).

We both ordered Chicken-burgers (or, as they call them, Chicken ChaCha). The burgers were only just passable, the only thing saving it from failing was the chicken breast being real chicken, not a pattie. The lettuce was definitely not fresh, wilted, and a bit gritty. Only got three little pieces of onion, two little slices of tomato. The avocado was barely a smidge, more like a thin spread of vegemite than anything else, definitely not an actual piece. The wedges were ok, I guess. Just SMALL, barely two inches in length.

Being seated in a spot where one can see what’s happening behind the counter is a good thing, in my opinion. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen one of the server-girls move a cake slice from the platter onto a plate with her fingers. I would’ve thought that was a BIG no-no. If not to anyone else, it was to me and my other half.

Later on, as we were finishing our burgers, the same girl that did the trick with the cake finished her shift. How she left was a HUGE no-no in my opinion. She left on her bicycle, riding out the front door.

Don’t think we will be going back there again.

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