Wednesday, March 23, 2005


One Person's Opinion That Has Seen Alison Ashley Movie

Woohoo. I know someone that has seen the movie.
She saw it last night, and, surprise surprise (NOT) she thought the movie was crap and a waste of time. No point to the movie at all, in her opinion.
I am not at all surprised. Whoever gave Delta the idea she could act should be shot. But then again, whoever gave her the idea that she could sing should be shot as well.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Hating Alison Ashley or Why Is Everyone Surprised?

I have read a number of reviews over the past few days of the latest Australian "blockbuster" movie, Hating Alison Ashley. I gotta ask 'Why the fuck is everyone so surprised that the movie is not exactly a good movie?' Look who the so-called star of the movie is. Why didn't people learn from Neighbours that Delta Goodrem cannot act. At all. Which leads me to think that her 'good-girl' act over her blamed split up of that marriage is not an act at all. She just couldn't pull it off convincingly.
Why must the 'art' of moviemaking be inflicted with her? Haven't we had enough of her in the music industry yet? There are several 'actors' out there that, in my opinion, will guarentee a movie will be bad and a waste of money. I won't go into that list at the moment (maybe a talk for another day), but Delta would have to be on that list somewhere. Just her attempts at what can be laughably termed as acting on Neighbours will forever guarantee her a place on that honoured list of 'actors'.
I wish someone would explain it to me, if it is possible to actually explain at all, why these singers and musicians feel the need to cross into 'acting', or vice-versa. It is time to stop the madness.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Closer or What the $%$$^?

I saw Closer last week. Natalie Portman, Jude Law (liked him ever since he stole Gattaca from Ethan Hawke), Julia Roberts and Clive Owen all did a great job in the acting department, can't fault that. My problem lies in the actual timeline and how it was passed onto the viewing audience that time had, in fact, passed. Jude law's character had just met Natalie's character, he had made mention of a g/f (whose name I can't remember at this point in time), then the next scene we see Julia Roberts taking his picture for a book that is about to be published. We find out that, at this juncture in time, he has been with Natalie's character few a few months.
This happens a few times, the viewer being slightly confused (or at least Nat my g/f, and I, were in any case) as to what the hell is going on.
I just read a review of this movie on "Makes no attempt to hide its unlikely plot and wholesale absurdity. Characters behave completely irrationally, uttering the worst dialogue imaginable" - but I feel I have to quibble with the author of this critique, Christopher Null. That is what real life people do isn't it? Act irrationally and absurdly. Life is made up of horrible and damaging dialogue, isn't it?
No, the only real annoying thing I found with this movie was the fact that something more than five years had passed in the space of the movie and none of the characters looked any different or aged at all. Huh? I know that five years isn't exactly a huge amount of time to have passed, but people do change over even that length of passed time.
Hmm I guess, if pressed I would say that I liked Closer, but I didn't think it as good as the rave reviews had made it out to be.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Some Web Sites I Visit Regularly.

I thought I would let people know (if anyone actually reads my stuff) of a number of the websites I visit regularly. - A great site for any and pretty much all info on movies and actors of the past, present, and soon to be released movies. - Pretty much the same as imdb but television. Pretty much every show, or actor you can think of is in this site. - Website of DC Comics, the home of Superman, Batman, The Flash, Justice League. - Website of Marvel Comics, the home of Captain America, Daredevil, X-Men. - Science fiction book company site. One can download entire novels here for free. Very nice site.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


The Rebel by Jack Dann

The Rebel, by Jack Dann is a great 'what if' book.
The book begins in September 1955, a few days before James Dean crashes his Spyder and dies. The results of the accident is where the book diverges from reality. In this book James Dean survives the crash. This book is a book for fans of Dean for sure, but also for fans of Hollywood of the fifties and sixties. I have read hundreds of Alternate History stories and novels, some good some bad, and this is one of the better ones I have read for a long time. I highly recomend it to anyone that enjoys well written stories of Hollywood during the good ole days, alternate history and what might have been.

Ho-Hum Yawn or 2005 Oscars

Well, I sat and watched the 77th Oscars last night. The best part of the whole show had to have been Chris Rock's intro routine, funny as hell. Otherwise, the rest of it was predictable as hell. Everyone won who was thought was going to win, the fashion was ho-hum, the speches were ho-hum, the presenters (with the exceptions of Robin Williams and Chris Rock) were ho-hum. In fact, the only thing that even raised my eyebrows, was the fact that Michael Moore's 911 wasn't even nominated. Why in the seven hells was that waste of time so-called doco 'Super-size Me' even considered I do not know.
I am left wondering, is it past time for the Oscars people to redraft how the Oscars are done each year. Maybe they can do it the way MTV do their awards shows, not taking themselves sooooo seriously. I used to enjoy watching the Oscars, but the show each year has become predictable and yawn inspiring.
I don't know whether it's the stars these days, bringing the whole thing down and overshadowing the real actors. There has always been stars in the movies, people that have star quality but no real acting ability, but recently, over the past ten or so years that has become almost the norm. What has happened to Hollywood? Most movies lately has been style over substance, with a rare exception. But then, in a society where the rubbish known as 'reality' TV can take over and, indeed, push out good shows, I shouldn't be in the least bit surprised at the shallowness of the whole industry at all.

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